The passion for the best coffee presented to the whole world

Extracting the best of internationally recognized passion for Brazilian coffee, the Lucky Hills brand has as an objective of being the best supplier of specialty coffees for the food service market in the United States. For generations the brand has passed on abroad the Brazilian passion for the aroma and flavor of the beans cultivated, roasted and marketed in an exclusive, direct and sustainable model. Lucky Hills is a family business with professional management, committed to the community and local culture, involved with the most up to date technologies, whose work is based on ethics and transparency from the beginning to the end of each process.

From the rich Brazilian soil, a coffee appreciated worldwide: the origin of the Lucky Hills coffee beans

Lucky Hills coffee beans are cultivated in the hearts of Minas Gerais, in mineral rich soil from a region of ideal altitude, latitude and micro climate, that is home to award winning coffees with unique aromas and flavors not found anywhere else. After harvesting, the beans are proudly roasted in Florida and then marketed to the American food service market.

Production without middlemen, economical and sustainable! But above all, human

The production of the 100% arabica specialty variety coffee beans marketed by Lucky Hills is produced without middlemen with the objective of providing the essence of the Brazilian coffee flavor anywhere in the world and especially within the United States. The most advanced concepts of sustainability, along with the latest technology, are applied during the processing of the Lucky Hills product, which is solely responsible for each and every production stage of its varieties including the delivery of the beans to the customers according to quantity and blend selection. Lucky Hills desires to be the best supplier of specialty coffee for the American food service market, so it offers its customers aside from its varieties and terroir, customized blends. All meeting the highest criteria and specification requirements.

Find out a true story of passion for coffee

For almost 2 centuries, coffee has been part of the Aguiar Torres family history. The passion of one man, also became the passion of his 11 children. Grown in the heart of Minas Gerais, the grains traded sustainably and directly from the producer, sustain the dream of an entire generation and, for this reason, are so special. At the head of this love story is Dr. Newton de Aguiar Torres. Together with Silvana Torres – one of the greatest specialists in the North American coffee market – and Anne Valdez – one of the most renowned coffee specialists in the world – Newton transformed this passion into business. The concept From the Fields to the Cup Without Middlemen. was idealized by the trio, reinforced by the One and Only Direct Trade Lucky Hills´s exclusive business model.

Lucky Hills Directors

Silvana Torres

Silvana Torres is a graduated Brazilian engineer and a communications business manager with over 30 years of experience in the market, having won the most outstanding awards in her field. She is a management expert and is the leader of Lucky Hills Specialty Coffee. Silvana applies her business and administrative skills and supports food service managers in the USA to use coffee as a business unit, generating greater profitability in their establishments.

Dr. Newton de Aguiar Torres

Dr. Newton, as he is affectionately called by the community of Carmo da Cachoeira, has a life dedicated to caring for others and, for more than 30 years, has practiced medicine with commitment. However, his fond memories of his childhood life including spending time with his uncles and grandparents on the family coffee farms, always influenced, and accompanied him. Thus, he decided to follow his childhood dream of working with coffee. After owning coffee farms for over 12 years and making good friendships with neighboring farms Newton decided to sell the farm and create a co-operative where he could share his knowledge of coffee production and how to improve quality to achieve the specialty level. Today, he continues his dedication in helping others in achieve top quality coffees and buying and exporting coffee to the US. He takes care of his partner producers and the coffee with passion and tenacity.

Anne Valdez

Anne Valdez is a world-renowned expert in the field of coffee with over 35 years of experience. She has an appreciation and passion for quality coffee and the attention given to coffee in all phases of production, particularly in roasting and brewing. She has been an international cupping judge, a regional barista judge, espresso training station instructor and a craft roasting station instructor. Her travels to origin include twelve different producing countries. She is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a BS in Business Administration.

All the naturals were a bit short on the fruity. Thumbs up to the yellows, especially the bourbons which I thought were the beat of the three varieties. Yellow bourbon pulped natural was my favorite then the bourbon natural.

Paul ThorntonThornton Coffee

I was talking to some customers yesterday, they didn't know I was the roaster, they were raving about how awesome the coffee is… one customer make a 30-mile drive on the weekends just because it’s that good.

Daniel McDowellTache Coffee Company

I made the Mundo Novo natural a medium roast and tasting it today I can really taste the hints of different flavors. It’s amazing, but I really like the pulped natural the best so far. I have to say the cinnamon flavor really comes out!

Tyler DrennanWind & Fire Coffee

I honestly got the chance to taste the coffee and its awesome.
At Lulu's we have a special blend of beans from multiple countries, we recently added Lucky hills to our unique blend and it has been a perfect addition. Great flavor, low acidity and a perfect match for a delicious espresso mix! Great customer service, fast shipping, we look forward to our continued relationship!

Lisa ThorsenLu Lu's