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4 trends that have direct impact on purchases for foodservice

Place in practices the trends: monitor and accompany the changes that impact the buying of products and supplies for your foodservice! Think about what to maintain and what to adapt, to be in front of the competition.


When somebody invites you to read or talk about trends, do not think about it twice.  Many people think that the subject is repetitive, but each content can bring a different view about a known subject or bring new and important visions that will change the scope of your work and business that you represent.

If you receive a text about trends, dedicate time to read it! Extract from it all the possible insights and use as an inspiration.  This tip is the same that I put into practice and bring many new things to my life as an entrepreneur.

Speaking about the subject…

Do you think you are presenting the true attention to the movement of changes made by your clients?

It does not matter the age, all are moving towards the search for complete consumer experiences, filled with satisfaction and comfort.  In addition, they are each time more interested in consuming from companies that are concerned with the community, city they are located, the state, the country and even with the planet.  They want to relate to sustainable businesses whose products are sourced each time fresher and the supplies that are part of the menu have a productive chain and known restrained commerce.  Have you noticed this?

Today’s consumption is not the same as in the past.

It is different than what we knew years ago, even months ago!

We live in an era of ample and holistic consumption; more concerned and interested. Hence the importance, for example, to work with specialty beans like the ones from Lucky Hills.

You may be asking yourself what the story has to do with your role as a buyer or manager of a bar, hotel, or restaurant.  To answer this, I bring you some trends that can directly impact your work and even influence you on your purchases.

Who knows, if you begin to acquire products and supplies thinking about these trends, you become someone who is fundamental in attracting and retaining customers.  This can even be an argument for a salary increase in the future😉

Simplify if you can

With respect to beverages prepared with coffee the simpler, the greater the chances of being purchased.  Do you want to place on the menu a beverage with a more complex preparation?  Simplify your list of ingredients. Want beverages with more complex ingredients?  Make it simpler for the for those who work with and present the beverages to the consumers, both on the menu and in the spoken presentation.

The same is valid for other beverages and all of the dishes!

Accompany the consumption of all of the generations

It is clear that you and your foodservice needs to be aware, in first place, the options and the target audience and what are the hours of the day these customers tend to consume what is sold.

Even when making supply purchases, accompany the interest of consumers of other generations. Verify also the times that these customers tend to go to bars, restaurants and cafeterias.

According to Beverage Consumer Trend Report published this year by Technomick, younger people, for example, have been curious in cold beverages prepared with coffee, and most developed the habit to stop for snacks in the morning and afternoon.

Be concerned with other cultures and ethnicities 

Principally in the preparation and service of your menu items!

Foodservices interested in diversity and the spread of new cultures have ingredients from other parts of the world inserted in their menu, maybe even in details and garnishes.

Even so if your hotel or restaurant menu has a specific focus, if you think that is the case, do not forget to suggest to the chef or barista new food and beverage formats that can be even better with a touch of another part of the world or region of the country.

Especially about coffee: the increase in consumer interest about flavors and aromas that relate to cardamon and chocolate have increased.  Those who are part of the market can also notice a greater search for infused oils and syrups in beverage preparation.

Do not leave what works aside

Running away from the traditional is good, but maintaining in practice what works is excellent!

Maintain on the menu dishes and beverages that are traditional in terms of flavors, aromas and supplies.  Do you know those more common options and frequent, that are not following any style?  Continue with them on the menu! Place in a privilege positions the dishes and beverages that are requested the most, being very innovative or not so innovated.

Insist on coffees that has in its preparation flavors and aromas related to vanilla, caramel, and nuts.

Even more: under no circumstances eliminate from your beverage presentation drinks based on coffee at least one hot option and one cold one containing milk like the already famous and eternal mocha.

In addition, continue being very clear that your foodservice prepares and sells coffee in the most popular formats.


It is here that the one that works with specialty coffees wins the competition.


Speaking about that bean bought and sold without middlemen and the result of its extraction will be a beverage with characteristics unpublished or exclusive that can conquer customers who are searching for consumer experiences that are ample and interesting.

Take advantage of the opportunity to show, through the supplies that are so cherished like the coffee, that your business is concerned with the preservation of the environment, the living and working conditions of the humans and the individual satisfaction of each consumer.


Sell more each time. Beyond this, each time better!


Silvana Torres


Silvana Torres

Silvana Torres is a graduated Brazilian engineer and a communications business manager with over 30 years of experience in the market, having won the most outstanding awards in her field. She is a management expert and is the leader of Lucky Hills Specialty Coffee. Silvana applies her business and administrative skills and supports food service managers in the USA to use coffee as a business unit, generating greater profitability in their establishments.