From farm to the cup,
without middlemen.

Imported directly from southern Minas Gerais State,
these beans are roasted locally on-demand in Florida,
ensuring their unmistakable quality, freshness, and flavor.

Taste our specialty coffee and savor the difference.

Meet Lucky Hills

Lucky Hills Coffee: maximum excellence
for even the most discerning palates

This fully sustainable business model is supported by a direct link between growers and consumers. This is the Lucky Hills cornerstone, endowing its coffee with a unique and incomparable favor.

The outcome is a profusion of aromas and flavors, delivering an original and surprising product to consumers and the entire coffee chain.


We are a US company that has a stable and long-lasting relationship with a cooperative of 80 Brazilian coffee-growers in Carmo da Cachoeira, southern Minas Gerais Staten – one of the best regions in Brazil for growing specialty coffees.



The goal of the Lucky Hills brand is to be the best supplier of specialty coffees in the US food service market. Working with a uniquely sustainable direct trade business model, we eliminate intermediaries, responding to one of the main needs of our customers, who seek transparent, direct, and reliable relationships with growers. All our sales are based on demand, so that the coffee quality is fully preserved.


All the naturals were a bit short on the fruity. Thumbs up to the yellows, especially the bourbons which I thought were the beat of the three varieties. Yellow bourbon pulped natural was my favorite then the bourbon natural.

Paul ThorntonThornton Coffee

I was talking to some customers yesterday, they didn't know I was the roaster, they were raving about how awesome the coffee is… one customer make a 30-mile drive on the weekends just because it’s that good.

Daniel McDowellTache Coffee Company

I made the Mundo Novo natural a medium roast and tasting it today I can really taste the hints of different flavors. It’s amazing, but I really like the pulped natural the best so far. I have to say the cinnamon flavor really comes out!

Tyler DrennanWind & Fire Coffee

I honestly got the chance to taste the coffee and its awesome.
At Lulu's we have a special blend of beans from multiple countries, we recently added Lucky hills to our unique blend and it has been a perfect addition. Great flavor, low acidity and a perfect match for a delicious espresso mix! Great customer service, fast shipping, we look forward to our continued relationship!

Lisa ThorsenLu Lu's

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