From generation to generation, the commitment for quality and the passion for the specialty beans are maintained. This can be perceived by those who enjoy a cup of coffee any environment in which it is served, being at a renowned restaurant, top hotels or even at the convenience of your office. Everything comes alive with the aromas and flavors of Lucky Hills.


The Lucky Hills brand stands out in the American food service market for being a sustainable brand without middlemen, and beans produced in accordance to each customer’s requirements. Lucky Hills provides diverse varieties of 100% specialty arabica coffees.

Lucky Hills: proudly roasted in Florida

Why choose Lucky Hills

Cultivated in Brazil, roasted in Florida and marketed for American food service, the Lucky Hills coffee brand passes through integrated process and is totally sustainable, directly from the farm to the cup. The coffee bean varieties are warehoused, preserved, transported, roasted to perfection, and available for purchase in accordance with the quantity desired by each customer.

Special Coffee
Family group with professional management
Direct Trade, without intermediaries
Commitment to the community
Dedication to its employees via training, education and housing
High technology and transparency in processes
Respect for local culture and the environment
Permanent quality assurance
Coffee management consultancy