Specialty coffee varieties, unique flavors

With the firm proposition of being the best brand of specialty coffees in the entire American food service market, Lucky Hills produces diverse varieties of 100% arabica coffee bean cultivated in mineral rich soils, such as:

Yellow Catuai

Catuai, in tupi-guarani – a linguistic family that incorporates various languages spoken by indigenous South Americas, signifies “very good”. Of Brazilian origin derives the name of one of the varieties grown directly from the producer to the consumer brand of Lucky Hills. The Yellow Catuai is one of the newest varieties of the world, the result of the crossing of Mundo Novo and Yellow Caturra. This coffee is smooth with a moderate acidity and a slightly sweetened flavor.

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Yellow Bourbon

The aroma is the highlight of the Yellow Bourbon specialty coffee from the Lucky Hills brand. The coffee is as intense as it is smooth. Its low acidity allows the coffee to obtain a texture similar to chocolate and with a seemingly sweet aftertaste. Specialty coffee connoisseurs and food service experts are great fans of the Yellow Bourbon variety and recognize the harmonization ease of this coffee.

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Mundo Novo

Searched and appreciated worldwide, along with being prominent in the American food service market, the Mundo Novo variety is the result of the crossing between the Red Bourbon and Sumatra varieties. Mundo Nov is an exceptional coffee with a medium body, intense aroma and memorable flavor. This coffee can be used in gourmet drink recipes with a coffee and/or liquor base.

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