Yellow Catuai


The Yellow Catuai coffee bean variety grown by the Lucky Hills brand has a moderate acidity and is very smooth. Its flavor is slightly sweet. The variety originated from the crossing of the Yellow Caturra and Mundo Novo varieties.


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The Yellow Catuai has a caramelized texture and with stone fruit flavors. In tupi-guarani, a linguistic set that unites languages spoken by Indians in Brazil, Catuai means “very good”. Hence the name of a specialty coffee bean so sought after by connoisseurs of a good coffee. When the natural is roasted it will have chocolate and caramel flavor notes. In Pulped natural, it will have greater emphasis on lemon flavor notes.

Flavor Profile:
Caramel – Lemon – Stone Fruit – Sweet
Origin: Minas Gerais, Brazil
Plant Varietal: Yellow Catuai
Altitude: 900 – 950 meters
Ingredients: 100% arabica coffee

Once the cherries are harvested, it’s time for the cherries to be processed at the wet mill. At the mill, the cherries are processed as pulped natural or natural. Each process enhances unique characteristics of the coffee plant varietal and its growing condition. Pulped natural coffees are washed with the skin removed and part of the pulp. The beans are then dried before resting and final dehulling and grading. The pulped natural results in a sweeter brighter cup. The natural coffees are washed and then sundried with the cherry skin and all of the pulp. Once dried they rest and then are hulled and graded. The flavors of the natural tend to be more pronounced. Both methods produce unique flavors.

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