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As an entrepreneur, in order to achieve success you always need to be tuned into new market trends,  in addition never lose focus on models that respect and support the entire chain and count on the advice of good professionals and specialists of the field.  This is the base, but for your company to stand out, it is necessary to go beyond and show a differential ahead of the competition.

This differential can be constructed through the best experience for your client. To get there, the company structure and negotiation structure to conquer your consumer are determining factors.

There does not exist a set formula to position a good experience for the client.  However, understanding what the consumer expects of your brand, studying the competition and knowing well the product you are selling contribute to building the perfect strategy.

Added to these points, above everything else, is the importance of betting on a solid and trusted business model, which enables the joint delivery of high-quality products and sustainable profitability.

Management models like “direct trade”, for example, accurately meet this demand.  This is because it is a system that eliminates middlemen, in which your brand negotiates directly with the producer and increases profitability, leaving the operation more sustainable and generating expansion as a whole.

Brands like Lucky Hills, whose DNA is connected to this “direct trade” model, can help you in this direction, helping in the construction of the experience that will be brought to your client.  Thus, you improve your techniques and expand your knowledge with qualified professionals that will support you on this path to perfection.

Do not let the vulnerability of the coffee chain be a threat to your business.  Bet on partners that can build with you a differentiated strategy, in an innovated business proposal, and thus guaranteeing a superior experience for your client.


Anne Valdez
Specialty Coffee Expert