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Few products have the ability to add so much to business as coffee.  Not just for its known characteristics, like the passion that is arouses, but more so for the market tendencies that we see, that demonstrates the coffee market, especially the specialty sector, growing in a consistent manner over the last few years.

There exist some simple steps to follow that go beyond the standard in these trends and can turn coffee into a strong business unit in your enterprise.  See how it is, before anything else, is a question of knowing how to mix passion and management.  You can say that this is the recipe for success when it comes to coffee.

Let’s go to the tips.

  1. Know how to promote your product

Invest in disclosure about how your product makes all the difference.  But if you want to stand out, go beyond the simple pamphlets.  Know the origins of your product, tell your history and highlight strengths that will make your client inclined to acquire the product, is the differential that will bring the attention to the consumer.   Don’t count on chance, promote and promote well your coffee to see it sell well.

  1. Make customer satisfaction your priority.

Beyond service and your presence on the internet, the satisfaction of your customer is to acquire a product of quality, capable of providing benefits and experiences the client expects.  For this reason, it is mandatory the prioritize customer satisfaction by investing in quality coffee.

  1. Have mentors and allies with your commercial partners

Who are your commercial partners at this time?  The motto says, “By myself I arrive faster, but together we go farther” and this fits in perfectly in the coffee universe.  Walking alongside mentors and having commercial allies can turn your route to success much more profitable.  Your brand gains added value, broadens horizons, and you can still count on valuable insights that only those who have been in the market for years can share.

Finally, it is fundamental to know how to position yourself within your niche, based on the identity of your brand. Above everything else, when we talk about coffee, a solid position, like belonging to the specialty micro niche can be critical for your brand including in the segmentation.  After all the more segmented your business, the communication and reach will be more effective with the public.

Are we understanding each other?  With these tips, you can better develop your strategy of having coffee be the star of your enterprise.

Hugs, until next time!


Silvana Torres
Specialty Coffee Producer